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Mr. Cheng Chi Kin

Executive Director/ Responsible officer

  • over 28 years of work experience in various industries including Asset Management & Funds Operations; REITs, Banking, Securities Investments; Real Estate & Infrastructure Developments, and Natural Resources etc

  • 21 years of top management in finance industry, Before joining our Group, Mr Cheng is a Chairman of a HK listed company.  He was an Executive Director of Kingston Asset Management Limited. He previously held a number of directorships or senior positions in various listed companies in Hong Kong; Asset Management companies; Australia Property Development Company, CITIC Ka Wah Bank and BNP Paribas Bank etc.

  • Mr Cheng obtained Business Studies Degree from University of Glamorgan and MBA from Cardiff Business School in the UK

  • Member of HKICPA and the Association of International Accountants. He is also a Chartered Marketer of Chartered Institute of Marketing and a member of Institute of Management Accountants.

Mr. Au-Yeung Chung Kiu Johnny

Executive Director/ Responsible officer

  • Studied in Monash University in Meblourne, Australia, Bachelor in Business Management and Psycholgy.

  • Responsible Officer (SFC RA1, 4, 9)

  • 11 years experience of corporate management, worked as Chief Financial Officer in manufacturing and import/export industries, with annual revenue of $1 billion HKD

  • Managed own company investment profolio in different areas.

  • Founded Profit Access Investments Limited

Mr. Tsoi Kwok Keung, Philip

Responsible officer

  • 24 years in finance industry, include but not limit to 20 years experience of responsible officer

  • Responsible Officer (SFC RA1, 4, 6, 9)

  • Supervised trading activities to ensure it meets the relevant legal requirements

  • wrote articles as columnist in different media, including ETnet, Money Times -HKEJ, Hong Kong Economic Times, Asashi Times (Japan)

  • Present Investment advice on cable TV, and Smartone Vodafone platform

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